We bill insurance

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We offer significant discounts for pre-payment,
un-insured/underinsured clients, and for participation in our student program. 
If you have received prenatal care prior to your care with us, we will prorate your fee.
Insurance Billing
Our billers will work directly with you and your insurance company to help you understand your policy and to get you the best rates possible.  Schedule a consult to submit a complimentary verification of benefits, and discuss what your policy can do for you.  
About the student program  

Two Leaves Midwifery is proud to provide clinical training to student midwives from around the world. You may choose to receive care from our students at a discounted rate. Students perform all care within the scope of their training and under the direct supervision of our experienced staff midwives. 

Prenatal Care Only Plan

Pay per visit and for services as you receive them.  If you later decide to birth with us, your payments will be applied to the above package of your choice

Along with routine clinical care, our services include massage, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and the use of alternative therapies.

Packages include:

Prenatal appointments unlimited regular and urgent visits,

Routine lab work OB panel, blood sugar, iron, platelets, GBS

Ultrasound one appointment, available in-house for your convenience 

24-hr hotline reach a midwife any time

Professional massage one 1-hour prenatal or postpartum session 

Physical therapy workshop 

Labor and delivery birth center or home

Supplies as needed

Birth center facility as desired

Doula services as desired

Water birth if desired, portable pool for home birth

Labor medications as needed,  excluding RhoGAM

Nitrous oxide pain relief as desired, available at birth center only

Newborn procedures and screening as desired

Postpartum visits for mother and baby through 6 weeks postpartum.  24 and 48-hour visits in-home for both birth center and home birth 

Payments plans available

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Considering a doula?

Two Leaves Midwifery offers complimentary doula services!